Luzern Branch

Filiale Luzern

Location within the city:
Located right at the centre of the lovely old part of Lucerne: On foot from Schwanenplatz (15) via Grendel to Falkenplatz, opposite Conditorei + Tea Room Heini (2) to Weggisgasse (1). Further points of reference: Manor (1), Löwengraben Post Office (8) and main post office (3).

By public transport:
From the main station (12) or the Luzernerhof bus stop (16) approx. 2 min by bus routes 1, 6, 7 or 8 towards Seebrücke / Schwanenplatz (15) – from Schwanenplatz on foot, see «Location».

Private transport:
Motorway exit A2 (14), then towards Lucerne Centre; car parks: Seehof (4) and Schweizerhof (5) in the direct vicinity of Schwanenplatz (15). Further car parks, approx. 400 metres away: Kesselturm (11), Kasernenplatz / Zentrum (13), Bahnhofplatz (9), Frohburg (10), Löwencenter (6) and Flora (7).

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