Mastercard® SecureCode™

About Mastercard SecureCode


What is Mastercard SecureCode?

Mastercard SecureCode is an international security standard for Internet transactions. This SecureCode helps merchants from online shops and card issuers worldwide to establish whether a transaction is made by the rightful cardholder. As a result, there is a steady increase in the number of online merchants that support this service and offer it to their customers. Cembra Money Bank offers this service for all the credit cards issued by the bank.

Helpful information for registration

Sending the SecureCode requires prior registration.

When can I register for Mastercard SecureCode?

What information do I need to register for Mastercard SecureCode?

If you have an additional card, is it necessary to register both cardholders (the main cardholder and any additional cardholder) separately for Mastercard SecureCode?

Do I need to re-register for Mastercard SecureCode if I get a new credit card?

Help for purchases using SecureCode

Can I complete the online purchase without SecureCode authentication if I am asked to enter the SecureCode?

Who can I contact if my payment is declined for security reasons?

Who can I contact if I have any further questions about Mastercard SecureCode?

Useful information

Does the processing of online purchases with SecureCode cost anything?

Does my registration for Mastercard SecureCode change anything with regard to purchases not made through the Internet?

Is there any change to liability for fraudulent transactions?

Why does a certain language appear during registration and when making a purchase?

Security & data protection

How can I be sure that the Mastercard SecureCode window is really from Cembra Money Bank?

Is my personal data that I provide during registration treated as confidential?

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