Cembra Money Bank

Your Swiss financing partner

Our new name

"Cembra Money Bank" takes its name from the Swiss pine (Pinus Cembra) which grows in the Swiss mountains and with which our bank shares some characteristics; it grows at an altitude of up to 2,850 meters under adverse conditions and can live for up to a thousand years, surviving temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees.

A strong tree for a strong brand. It symbolises our values and shows what we stand for. It makes our origins, experience and commitment tangible. It embodies reliability and straightforwardness.

About Cembra Money Bank

"Flexible solutions for individual objectives". For us, as an experienced Swiss bank, the needs of our clients, partners and service providers come first. Thanks to our commitment and flexibility, we develop secure and simple financing solutions that enable our clients to achieve their individual goals. Irrespective of whether they need loans, a leasing arrangement, credit cards or savings products.

Cembra Money Bank, with its headquarters in Zurich Altstetten, is one of the leading Swiss providers of financial products and financial services. In Switzerland, it has over 800 employees, drawn from more than 38 nations.

Our values

  • We are committed
    We are dedicated to create financial flexibility for our customers.
  • We are uncomplicated
    We understand our customers and offer them simple and comprehensible solutions.
  • We are reliable
    We are an experienced Swiss bank, which protects its customers and their privacy.

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