Corporate Leasing

Using instead of buying -
a cost-effective financial solution

Leasing allows companies to use a vehicle for the duration of the lease, without having to own it. Leasing is a cost-effective and hence popular method for companies to finance corporate vehicles.

Your company is looking for financial independence

You do not want to make any major investments at a specific time, but rather pay for the service step by step, enjoying financial flexibility.

We offer flexible leasing solutions for businesses

Finance your company vehicle by signing a Cembra Money Bank business lease agreement. Since you do not acquire the vehicle, you only pay for its use. At the end of the agreement, you return the vehicle to your car dealer and/or you decide to lease a new one – whichever meets the needs of your company. Meaning you always have the latest models at your disposal and you can rely on safe and reliable vehicles.

Corporate Leasing calculation example

A cash purchase price of CHF 42,000 ¹) and a calculated residual value of CHF 16,800 ¹) amount to 48 lease instalments of CHF 709.60 ¹) in the case of an annual mileage of 15,000 km.

Calculation example based on a nominal interest rate of 7.49% (effective interest rate 7.75%) this corresponds to total annual costs of CHF 1'506.40 ¹), excl. depreciation and insurance of the corresponding leased object.

¹) incl. VAT