Are you saving with the aim of achieving a certain goal or would you like to enhance your financial security for your future? With us, you can invest your money at attractive interest rates.

Savings Accounts*

Attractive interest rates and flexible terms

Do you have a savings goal in mind or want to make provisions for the future? Then a Cembra Savings Account is the ideal investment for you.

Deposit account*

Save securely – remain flexible

This account allows easy access to your savings whilst still earning an attractive interest rate.

* Deposit protection

Like any bank and any securities firm in Switzerland, Cembra Money Bank is required to sign the Self-regulation “Agreement between esisuisse and its members”.
Deposit insurance protects the credit balances of private and corporate clients in the event of a bank or securities firm’s bankruptcy. This guarantee is regulated by law. The protection is limited to a maximum of CHF 100 000 per client and institution. Multiple accounts are added together. esisuisse guarantees that it will cover protected deposits as part of the self-regulation of Swiss banks and securities firms. Deposits at Cembra Money Bank are covered by the deposit insurance scheme.
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